11 Best Travel Deals for Your Next Trip

New year, new travel plans. As you look ahead to the potential of 2024, do you see any travel in your future? A flight, a road trip, or even a day trip? Then don’t miss these deals. We’ve rounded up discounts on everything from great luggage and hip packs to noise-canceling headphones and tablets to keep you (and your companions!) entertained. Plus, handy accessories like power banks—because nothing is sadder than running out of power halfway through a movie. Happy travels!

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Suitcase and Duffel Bag Deals

Photograph: Samsonite

If you’re hunting for a hard-sided suitcase, this Samsonite is on sale. We like that the interior fabric is made from 100 percent recycled plastic bottles and that there’s a storage pocket designed to keep damp items separate from the rest of your luggage.

This adventure bag has a water-resistant fabric coating and backpack straps. We recommend the 40L version in our travel bags guide, which is an inch too large for domestic carry-on. This 70L version is even larger and definitely can’t be carried on a plane, but it’s a great massive bag for a road trip or if you don’t mind checking your duffel.

Hip Pack Deals

Photograph: Troubadour

This sling is one of our favorite recycled bags, made from recycled polyester and plastic bottles. It has two compartments, a key clip, and a magnetic quick-release button on the strap. It can fit a bulky wallet, phone, chapstick, and keys. WIRED reviewer Medea Giordano found she could even fit a pair of over-ear headphones if she used a slimmer wallet.

If you’re headed somewhere with busy streets and tourist traps, we recommend Pacsafe’s sling. It’s a favorite of ours for all the anti-theft features it has, like lockable zippers, slash-proof straps, and an interior RFID-blocking pocket. Plus, it’s big enough to fit both a Kindle Paperwhite and an iPad mini.

Entertainment Deals

Photograph: Best Buy

The Android-powered OnePlus Pad (8/10, WIRED Recommends) can double as a laptop in a pinch and has an excellent display for entertainment. It’s our favorite Android tablet, and runs Android 13, which has several tablet-friendly optimizations that make using it easier than past Android tablets you may have tried. There’s a stylus and keyboard you can buy separately that are handy additions.

This tablet is our favorite for under $200–but you can score it for under $100 right now. Amazon’s Fire tablets are (unsurprisingly) focused on Amazon’s services and apps, but they’re great for playing games and watching movies. There’s no Google Play store, so it doesn’t have everything an Android tablet would, but it’s a solid price if you mainly want to stream something.

Epos and Sennheiser collaborated to create the Adapt 660 (8/10, WIRED Recommends). They’ve got great sound, a comfy lightweight design, and excellent noise-canceling. They’re great on calls and Zoom meetings thanks to Epos AI if you’re planning to take calls on your trip and have a 30-hour battery life.

Power Bank and Accessory Deals

Photograph: Ugreen

Hate waiting for a charge while you’re on the go? UGreen’s power bank is one of our favorite portable chargers for how fast it can charge since it draws 145 watts (per the name!). It pulls 100W from one port and 45W from the other, and both are USB-C. It’s surprisingly compact for its power level, but it has some weight to it at 1.1 pounds.

Anker’s power bank isn’t cheap, but it’s one of the best. It can send or receive up to 140 watts to charge phones, tablets, and even laptops. That speed lets it charge from zero to full within an hour. It has a little digital display that shows the remaining battery percentage and stats like the temperature and total output. You can charge it with three devices at once.

Chipolo makes our favorite Bluetooth trackers for Android, and the Chipolo One four- and six-packs are on sale right now. The Chipolo One Spot also has a four-pack on sale for a few bucks more, and works with Apple’s Find My if you’re an Apple user. These cute little round trackers are great for keys and bags, but if you’re worried about your wallet, Chipolo’s Card and Card Spot (once again, slightly more expensive and works with Apple) fits into a card slot in your wallet and is also on sale in two- and four-packs.

If you’re bringing your laptop along for your travels, grab one of Incase’s sleeves to protect it from the bumps of the road or the airport security line. Select sleeves for the 13-inch MacBook are the ones on sale right now, though some sleeves are only on sale with specific colors.

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