2023 Honda City FL – now with RM8,000 in savings

Honda Malaysia is offering savings of up to RM8,000 on the 2023 Honda City facelift, or nearly 10% of the car’s full price given that the B-segment sedan’s line-up starts from RM84,900 for the 1.5L S variant.

This remains a brand-new car, as the City facelift range was launched in Malaysia just four months ago, and while it may seem tempting to hold out for a 2024 model-year car, the savings from this offer is likely greater than the added resale value that may be gained from a later model year.

To benefit from the full RM8,000 promotion, buyers will need to choose the City E (RM89,900) or the City V (RM94,900). Regardless of variant, buyers of the City facelift will benefit from the Honda Sensing ADAS suite that is standard across the full range of variants for the B-segment sedan model.

For the City V in particular, buyers get full leather upholstery, a touchscreen head unit that supports Apply CarPlay and Android Auto, plus more. At its core, the Honda City remains a very spacious B-segment sedan, with copious amounts of legroom in the rear passenger compartment.

What’s more, buying a 2023 model-year City means getting the car within a week or two, as opposed to months-long wait lists typical of new cars; you’ll just have to register your car before December 31. What do you think of the 2023 Honda City facelift? Let us know in the comments.

2023 Honda City 1.5L V facelift in Malaysia

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