30 Google Business Profile Photos Your Local Business Can Easily Take — Illustrated

Does seasonality play a significant role in your business, like Earthbound Farmstand, which might have pumpkins in October but strawberries in April and a completely different look to their stand at different times of year? Maybe your shop goes big for holiday decorating and can showcase this as the year rolls around, labeling your photos with text like, “What you’ll see if you visit in December” or “Valentine’s Day at our location.”

Perhaps it’s important for your customers to see what your venue looks like both during the day and at night, and you’ll need several images to cover both so you can convey atmosphere. Or maybe there’s a dish so popular at your restaurant that customers keep begging for the recipe, and you decide to share it on an old-time recipe card as a photo.

There are a number of creative scenarios that aren’t covered by the 29 other types of photos because they could be unique to your business. Your company mascot might be in a comic-strip-style series that gets customers laughing. Your views might be so spectacular that they merit a showcase. Your founder might be internationally famous or an influencer, and any photo of them will earn extra clicks. Or maybe you’d like to upload an image like this, letting customers know how much you value their photo to fill out your profile even more:

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