Australian Open LIVE: Protest halts Norrie vs Zverev as star retires in tears on court | Tennis | Sport

Alexander Zverev has hit out at how “strict” the security is at the Australian Open, despite a protestor halting his fourth-round win over Cameron Norrie.

Several flyers with ‘FREE PALESTINE’ were thrown onto the court in the third set, before Zverev went on to claim a four-hour win over the Brit.

But Zverev was surprised at the lack of intervention from security and complained about previous instances at the Grand Slam.

“That was a little bit surprising because the security here, I mean, on-site where the players’ area is, is extremely strict,” he said after being told that fans had to remove the protestor.

“Even today, I played obviously five sets, four hours, some minutes. I went to the locker room, and the gym area is right next to the locker room. They wouldn’t let me into the gym because I forgot my credential in the locker room.

“What are you doing? You’re protecting players from players. That’s not really the whole point. Something like this happens and it takes three, four minutes for somebody to show up.”

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