CES 2024 in Photos: The Year AI Ate Vegas

The frenzied and intoxicating showcase for consumer technology known as CES took place this week in Las Vegas. Every January, the industry’s big shindig descends on this city in the Nevada desert, drawing tech manufacturers, retailers, distributors, members of the press, gadget fans, and regular old lookie-loos into the fray. The Las Vegas Convention Center, hotel expos halls, nightclubs, restaurants, and event centers are stuffed with talking screens, self-driving cars, flying cars, self-adjusting audio speakers, and ChatGPT-enabled appliances for the smart home. Indeed, this is the year that AI ate everything in sight; old products were freshened up by an injection of machine intelligence, and new products were launched to help people interface with these new generative tools. Our photographer Alex Welsh captured some of this consumer tech revolution in full swing as he roamed the halls of CES 2024.

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