Darts LIVE: Fallon Sherrock knocked out as rival in tears at Ally Pally | Other | Sport

What you may not know is that Fallon Sherrock, in action later today, has been battling an underlying kidney illness for almost 10 years.

She explained ahead of this year’s Worlds: “I’m still having to manage the illness. My kidneys are only working to 23 per cent of their capacity and I have to maintain them at that level because if it went down to 15 per cent, you’re looking at dialysis.

“I used to have medication lined up in a row of bottles, but now I’m just on calcium tablets for my bones, sodium tablets for my kidneys – about three per day. I also need an injection once a week which is self-administered, plus a blood transfusion every six months or so to keep the iron levels up.

“If you saw how much water I drink every day, I probably drink more than I should, but I don’t think people realise how tired I get.

“I can be busy, busy, busy for four or five days on the trot, but as soon as I stop, that’s me done – I’m wiped out for a week.”

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