Doctor warns why you should never hold in your farts

A doctor has revealed the distressing reason why you should never hold in your farts.

There are times when passing gas feels simply inappropriate, but Dr Karan Raj took to his TikTok to warn of the dire consequences of keeping the gas in.

The gastrointestinal (GI) system starts with your lips and ends with your bottom.

The last process that occurs in your GI tract is the movement of faecal matter, which is basically digested food mixed with bacteria.

However, methane often gets in the way of this and while it doesn’t stop the movement, the walls of the intestine are kept away from the contents because there are bubbles of gas in the way and the contents aren’t moved along.

Holding in a fart simply keeps those bubbles of gas in your gut. However, Dr Raj explained that the consequences can be more complicated.

Firstly, not letting go of the gas can cause bad breath, the doctor warned.

Speaking in the video, he said: “When you don’t get rid of some of that gas, it can be absorbed through the lining of the gut and make its way into the bloodstream.

“From there, it makes its way into the lungs, where we breathe it out.

“Yes, you literally breathe out your fart which could lead to bad breath.”

Worryingly, bad breath isn’t the only consequence of holding in your farts, according to the medical expert.

Dr Raj shared that it can get worse. He continued: “Your sphincter [a circular muscle that normally maintains constriction] has done a valiant job by keeping the doors closed, but by not releasing the gas, you’re closing the door.

“When you close the door, the volume of gas increases, the pressure goes up. Eventually the pressure of the build-up gas will overcome the resistance of your sphincter and the gas will eventually escape as an uncontrollable fart.”

Therefore, if you want to avoid an embarrassing accident, the doctor recommended just finding a place where you can let go of the culprit.

Another problem that can occur if you’re constantly holding in the farts is an increased pressure in the rectum and the colon.

Dr Raj said: “This rising pressure in the rectum and in the colon can lead to small pouches or balloons, known as diverticula, to form in the lining of the bowel, leading to chronic inflammation and pain.”

While this sounds scary, the solution is very simple. “Find somewhere to let your fart go, otherwise, it will literally backfire,” the doctor added.

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