Ethereum Whales Scoop Up $230 Million In ETH In One Week

In the past week, some of the biggest Ethereum whales, those with holdings ranging from 1 million to 10 million ETH, have accumulated an impressive 100,000 ETH, valued at a staggering $230 million.

This active buying stance by influential investors highlights their unwavering belief in the long-term potential of Ethereum, even in the face of recent price corrections.

Despite the recent downtrend in prices, indications from recent Ethereum whale activities suggest a persistent confidence in a bullish market continuation.

Wealthy Traders Accumulate Millions In Ethereum

Subsequent to the promising start in the initial days of December 2023, various cryptocurrency assets, notably Ethereum, displayed robust performance.

Crypto whales have reportedly devoured hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of Ether, the leading altcoin, during the past seven days, according to a well respected expert.

On the social networking site X, cryptocurrency strategist Ali Martinez informs his 36,100 followers in a new thread that wealthy traders have amassed tens of thousands of Ethereum during the previous seven days.

Price rallies are usually the result of heavy purchasing demand from wealthy investors, and the recent whale accumulation indicates that this is the case.

On December 7, Santiment Feed connected a whale accumulation pattern to ETH’s surge, which culminated in a 19-month high over the $2,350 price point.

As a rule, whale activity affects cryptocurrency asset prices. Recent activity among ETH whales indicates that a price rally may be approaching.

Ethereum currently trading at $2,235 on the daily chart:

Although there is a lot of buying pressure in the market right now, caution is advised because the bottom could not have yet been achieved.

RSI And Stochastic Neutral, Ethereum Uncertainty

Relative Strength Index (RSI) and stochastic are both currently in neutral territory, according to data from CryptoQyant. There is still uncertainty regarding the market’s genuine bottom notwithstanding the buying activity.

We looked at the liquidation heatmap to try and estimate Ethereum’s possible support levels. Based on the analysis, there was a rise in liquidations in the $2,140–$2,170 range.

This implies that before Ethereum’s price initiates its next bullish rebound, it is likely to drop below these levels. But in the event of a rally, Ethereum would have to overcome a significant resistance level close to $2,380.

Source: Santiment

Ethereum’s near-term price changes are difficult to forecast because to the complex interaction of market indicators and liquidation data.

Meanwhile, the $2,148 price mark appears to be the asset’s short-term support, according to an analysis of the ETH daily price chart. In order to increase the likelihood of one more rise before the end of 2023, bulls will hope that this level holds.

If there is a break below, it may indicate the construction of a more intricate bullish continuation chart pattern, similar to a bull flag. On smaller time frames, this pattern may resemble a descending channel and undermine expectations for another significant rise in 2023.

Ether and other cryptocurrency values are sensitive to a number of external variables, including generalized macroeconomic sentiment. Ethereum has already risen 81% year-to-date at its current price.

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