Everything older motorists must do at 70 to avoid £1,000 fine for driving licence mistake

Older drivers above the age of 70 could be hit with a whopping £1,000 fine for failing to renew their driving licence. 

Elderly motorists do not have to retake their driving test when they hit 70 and are not forced to undertake any mandatory eye tests.

However, photocards must be renewed more often than usual when road users hit 70 and failing to comply could see drivers caught out. 

Licences can be renewed online in seconds but there are other options available for those less tech-savvy. Express.co.uk reveals everything ageing motorists must do to keep hold of their driving licence in 2024.

Older drivers above the age of 70 could be hit with a whopping £1,000 fine for failing to renew their driving licence. 

How often do I need to reapply for a driving licence when reaching 70?

Motorists over the age of 70 must reapply for their driving licence every three years. It means road users will usually apply to stay on the roads at 70, 73, 76, 79, 82, etc.

However, new research has revealed that dozens of road users are unclear on the rules and could be caught out. 

Richard Evans, head of technical services at webuyanycar said: “To drive anywhere legally, drivers must hold a valid driving photocard licence which has the most up to date and correct details of your name, date of birth and full address. 

“Generally, drivers need to renew their licence once every 10 years. However, those over 70 must renew once every three years in order to continue driving.

“Our research found that almost one in ten (eight percent) drivers are unaware that they would need to renew or update their driving licence.”

How to renew a driving licence at 70?

Anyone over the age of 70 can renew their licence online through the GOV.UK website. Applicants must be a legal resident of Great Britain, meet the minimum eyesight requirement and not be banned from the roads for any reason. 

Motorists who have not used the online service before must register using an email address, National Insurance number and UK passport number. 

However, road users can also fill out a D46P application form sent out by the DVLA 90 days before their licence expires. A D1 application form can also be used which can be found on the high street in some Post Offices.

How long will a driving licence renewal take?

New licences should arrive within one week if motorists apply using GOV.UK’s online service. 

Those that use a paper application form could be waiting a bit longer with photocards likely to arrive within three weeks.

Can I drive while the DVLA is renewing my licence? 

According to GOV.UK, road users are allowed to continue behind the wheel while their application is processed as long as they meet certain conditions. 

Firstly, road users must have the support of a doctor and can only travel under the conditions of their previous licence.

Motorists must ensure their last licence was not revoked for medical reasons while they cannot be currently disqualified from the roads.

What happens if I don’t reapply for a driving licence? 

Motorists who ignore their re-application will effectively be travelling around with no driving licence which is against the law. Those who do forget to sort out the details will be at risk of being slapped with a hefty £1,000 fine.

A poll last year from Scrap Car Comparison estimated that over one million could be at risk of the tough sanctions. Data from the group revealed that around 27 percent of elderly drivers wait more than four years after turning 70 to renew.

David Kottaun, operations manager at Scrap Car Comparison said: “It’s been a shock to discover that so many motorists are not renewing their licences following their 70th birthdays – and therefore leaving themselves no longer able to legally operate a vehicle, and at risk of receiving a big fine if caught.”

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