F1 LIVE: Lewis Hamilton at odds with Toto Wolff as Lando Norris told to ‘walk away’ | F1 | Sport

Martin Brundle has told Lando Norris to ‘walk away’ from McLaren if they cannot build him a race-winning car for 2024.

Norris scored seven podiums – including four in a row – last season in a car comparatively slower than Red Bull, Mercedes and Ferrari.

During a Sky Sports F1 fan Q&A session, Brundle was asked whether or not Norris could walk away from McLaren if they have a slow start to the 2024 campaign. He responded: “Whether you’re the team boss or whether you’re the drivers, you have to say, ‘I only have eyes for one team one driver pairing.’ But it’s a very small business.

“Relatively speaking and your career whizzes past, you’ve got to keep your options open.

“Loyalty pays, especially these days in F1 teams, you can build something together but if he sees another year out without a victory, he’ll have to, and in any event, he should be making sure he’s in the best possible place to win a world championship.”

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