F1 LIVE: Verstappen issues Hamilton win drought verdict as Wolff gives resignation update | F1 | Sport

Johnny Herbert isn’t buying Max Verstappen’s spiel that he has no interest in breaking Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher’s world title record. The Dutchman insists he is “already happy” with his career but Herbert begs to differ.

“One of them especially, to get that eighth World Championship and go ahead of Michael. They’re both wanting to do that,” he told Planet F1.

“Now, the only way you’re able to do that is to be number one. There’s your problem because when it was Senna and Prost, it was a very, very hard thing for Ron Dennis (then McLaren team boss) to be able to control.

“I think they’re both aware that, to win races but, more importantly, a world championship, and both are after that. You can’t control it, whatever you try. Even if you stuck them in different rooms for that weekend, you’d still have issues once they get the helmet on and they get on with their race.

“You’re always going to have those incidents that we saw with both of them – once at McLaren, and once at McLaren and Ferrari when Alain had moved on. I think it’s the same thing with Lewis and Max, you can’t have those two elite drivers in the same team because you can’t manage it.”

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