How to dry clothes fast without damp smell – no heating or dehumidifier needed

There’s nothing more annoying than a freshly washed outfit smelling musty and feeling damp. This is a regular struggle many households face during the autumn and winter period.

If some moisture remains after drying, clothes will smell damp even when they eventually dry completely.

In the summer, laundry can be dried quickly out on the washing line, but now as the weather has got wetter, drying clothes indoors can be more of a challenge.

However, this is a problem one mum knew too well, until she came up with a genius solution that reduces drying time and saves you money.

TikTok user Christina Jacobs uploaded a video on her @chrissy.j.xx account demonstrating a laundry drying hack that doesn’t call for a dehumidifier, tumble dryer or central heating.

She wrote: “The only way to dry my clothes in winter without that horrible damp smell.

Christina starts by adding her laundry load to an airer and putting a bed sheet over it all.

She then plugs in a small electric heating fan, placing it right in front of the airer full of clothes and covered by the bed sheet.

The idea behind this hack is that the bed sheet traps the heat from the heater to dry the clothes quickly.

The mum claimed that the clothes dry in one and a half hours this way and “smell great”.

Taking to the comments, one TikTok user argued that there is a better device to use instead of an electric heater.

@permanentroses said: “A dehumidifier is better, if you dry in a smaller room and close the doors it works great.”

When using a dehumidifier, the air surrounding the wet clothes becomes much less humid.

This allows the moisture within the clothes to evaporate more quickly, resulting in shorter drying times.

Plus, it prevents mould growth on walls and ceilings when the clothes are being dried.

What’s more, most dehumidifiers are far cheaper to run than electric heaters, so this will help save on energy bills.

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