James Martin’s ‘delicious’ apple and honey pastry recipe is ‘easy to make’

On the latest episode of James Martin’s Saturday Morning, the TV chef shared how to make a delicious apple and honey jalousie.

The “classic” recipe is a French-style patisserie that involves frangipane and honey. James used local honey from a supplier in Oxfordshire called Honeys of Henley.

Instead of apple puree, home cooks can use apple sauce from a jar to simplify the recipe and to add “tanginess”.

To make the recipe even more simple, James recommends using ready-rolled all-butter puff pastry which doesn’t need to be rolled out as it’s already the correct size.

James described the “simple” pastry as “delicious” and served it with a drizzle of honey and clotted cream.

On the TV chef’s website, it reads: “This sweet French patisserie pastry is easy to make, using shop-bought puff pastry.”

How to make apple and honey jalousie:


For the filling:

  • 1 large Bramley apple poached blitzed with 50ml honey

For the frangipane:

  • 125g butter, softened
  • 125g caster sugar
  • 125g ground almonds
  • 50g plain flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 egg yolk to egg wash
  • Demerara sugar to sprinkle

To serve:


1. Firstly, preheat the oven to 160°C.

2. To make the frangipane, combine the butter and sugar in a blender or mixer until it’s white and fluffy. Then, add the almonds, eggs, flour and honey and blend again until smooth.

3. Next, grease a baking sheet and put the puff pastry onto a lightly floured surface.

4. Cut two rectangles from the pastry – one slightly larger than the other. Dock the smallest one all over.

5. Fill the bottom of the pastry with the frangipane and apples before brushing the edges with egg wash.

6. Fold the top of the pastry in half lengthways and cut around two-thirds of the way through to make slats.

7. Top the bottom rectangle with egg wash before sprinkling all over with the sugar.

8. Bake the pastry for 25 to 30 minutes. Serve it warm with a drizzle of honey and clotted cream.

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