Jennifer Lopez Reveals Ben Affleck’s Emotional Reaction in ‘Can’t Get Enough’ Wedding Video

Actor and musician Jennifer Lopez’s debut single from her ninth album, titled “Can’t Get Enough,” is set to premiere on January 10. “I have my new single, from my new album and my new movie,” Lopez told Variety on the Golden Globes carpet. “Wednesday is a really big day, 22 years in the making.” She was there to support her Globe-nominated husband, Ben Affleck. Jennifer took a moment to promote her first studio album since 2014, as well as the impending wedding-themed music video for the opening single. “I think it might surprise some people. It’s kind of a meta-story about the journey that it takes from getting from heartbreak back to love… I am somewhat of an expert you could say in a real way. Not so much about marriage but on weddings,” Lopez joked, noting that she has been married four times, reported Variety. Jennifer Lopez Declares She Would Simply ‘Walk Out’ Instead of Getting Enraged If Ben Affleck Ever Cheated.

“Again, I don’t take myself too seriously I think that life is a crazy journey where you fall and you get back up, and you keep trying and you never give up.” Lopez also shared her husband Ben Affleck’s thoughts about her “Can’t Get Enough” video, which is based on a wedding theme. She said, “He sees me as an artist. He knows that I’m going to express myself. He’s my biggest fan and my biggest supporter, as I am of him, which I’m so glad to be here tonight because he’s nominated.” Lopez talked about her red carpet ring that served as an easter egg for her new single. She said, ‘It’s hummingbird season!’ Lopez is set to star in a cinematic adaptation of the 1993 Broadway musical ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman,’ written and directed by Dreamgirls director Bill Condon. Did Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Have a Fight at Grammys 2023? Twitterati Thinks So After Video of the Couple From the Show Goes Viral!.

Jennifer Lopez Shares Ben Affleck Reaction on ‘Can’t Get Enough’ Wedding Video:


The film is produced by Barry Josephson, Tom Kirdahy, Greg Yolen, and Matt Geller, along with Lopez. Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Benny Medina serve as executive producers for Nuyorican Productions. Kiss of the Spider Woman is Lopez’s first role in a full-fledged musical. The artist’s ninth studio album, “This Is Me… Now”, will be released on February 16.

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