Popular chicken chain to open 30 more stores in the UK

Popeyes has announced it will be expanding its presence in the UK by adding 30 sites to its existing 36.

The chicken chain’s plans for expansion will create around 2,000 jobs, boosting various areas of the UK including Aberdeen and Swansea.

The brand will be opening more than 30 new branches across the UK over the next year which will include locations in Birmingham, London and Nottingham.

Popeyes, which was founded in New Orleans, Louisiana in the USA in 1972, is known for its fried chicken and chicken sandwiches and came to the UK from the USA in late 2021.

Their fresh chicken is marinated for 12 hours in their signature blend of Louisiana herbs and spices before being brewed and battered by hand.

The 36 branches already in the UK, which include five drive-thru stores and seven delivery kitchens, employ 2,300 workers.

The first of the new stores will open this week in Ilford and Hammersmith in London.

Tom Byng, chief development officer at Popeyes, said: “We opened our first store in November 2021, to huge hype and acclaim, and customer appetite shows no sign of slowing down.

“To date, we’ve opened 38 locations up and down the country, and converted legions of fried chicken fans to Popeyes.

“We’re excited to be giving even more people their first taste of New Orleans as we double our estate in 2024.

“We’re particularly proud of our geographical spread of expansion, including our first ever travel hub restaurant in Waterloo station, which will be fuelling hungry travellers with great food and a dose of the famous New Orleans spirit.”

Last year, Popeyes secured a massive £50million from private equity firm TDR Capital which part-owns Asda.

The news has had mixed reactions on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

Ramon Writes said: “Popeyes Chicken is to Louisiana as KFC is to Kentucky and Taco Bell is to Mexican Food.

“Don’t get me wrong I love a good crispy fried chicken occasionally but the UK is overrun with fast food chains as clinical obesity remains on the rise. This is not good news!”

However, social media user Avi said: “We don’t have any in Ireland but when I visited NY I tried it and now if I’m ever on a trip in Spain or the UK, I make some time for Popeyes. It’s so crispy and seasoned.”

New Popeye sites include:

  • Ilford
  • Hammersmith
  • Aberdeen
  • Birmingham
  • Bishop Auckland
  • Exeter
  • Glasgow
  • Nottingham
  • Swansea
  • Greater Manchester
  • Waterloo

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