Prince William’s £16 Christmas bauble that ‘did him dirty’

Royal fans were appalled by an unforgiving bauble of Prince William that “did him so dirty”.

The £16 ornament by Cody Foster and Co has garnered a ton of negative attention, with fans horrified by the sparkling nightmare.

The glass ornament of the Prince of Wales showcases him in his royal garb, with glittery hair and a massive bald spot at the back, which has been branded an “abomination.”

There are also versions of Kate Middleton, King Charles and Queen Camilla for the yuletide season on sale for the same price. Harry and Meghan have been excluded from the range.

Royal lover Audrey Davies said: “They did William so dirty. Why is his hair glittery?

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“I’m glad I’m not famous and people don’t make me into merchandise.”

Heather Nesser added: “Where would one find this abomination?

“Because I might need to have this for my friendsmas ornament swap.” [sic]

Another said: “Oh the back.”

A fourth added: “They got his messed up teeth right too.”

While the Princess of Wales ornament is more flattering, it doesn’t bear much resemblance.

Charles and Camilla have slightly closer likenesses, but they look very young.

The King’s is proving most popular and is already sold out.

But another royal fan said: “These are frightening.”

Cody Foster and Co has been approached for comment.

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