‘Quick and effective’ natural treatment removes patio weeds ‘permanently’

Removing weeds can be difficult which is why gardeners often resort to using chemical weed killers.

However, instead of using chemical weed killers, there are natural remedies gardeners can try. Some of the most common natural weed killers include white vinegar, salt and dish soap.

One of the cheapest and most natural methods to remove weeds from patios and paving, without pulling them out by hand, is boiling water.

Jane, team leader of Allan’s Gardeners gardening team suggested using boiling water.

Boiling water is most effective on young weeds but is a great natural contact herbicide that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals.

Jane explained: “Boil water in a large pot or kettle over the stove. The size of the weeded area will determine the amount of water you need.

“When the water is steaming hot, use oven mitts to carefully transfer it to the weeded area. Pour boiling water slowly over the weeds in your lawn, driveway, or garden path, avoiding other desirable plants.

“Consider cutting down weeds if they are growing in large groups so you can reach their taproots. Applying more heated water to the roots will increase the chances of permanent results.

“In some cases, it might take several attempts, but your garden will be weed-free once again. It is also suitable for replanting spots because it will not damage the soil.”

Jamie Shipley, gardening expert and managing director at Hedges Direct, also suggested using boiling water an “effective and quick treatment”. However, he warned that boiling water won’t prevent weeds long term.

Russell Birchell, founder at Hedging UK added: “Boiling water should be enough to do the trick when poured down the cracks of your patio or driveway.”

Matthew Peck, head of horticulture at Gates Garden Centre, recommended using hot water but said that weed-slicing tools, extractors, white vinegar and salt can also be used.

He said: “The cracks between your paving are the unfortunately a very easy place for weeds to grow, and fast. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to tackle these patio weeds.

“You can use a specialised a weed slice tool, or extractor, to remove the weeds. These are designed to fit between the cracks and save your hands from the strenuous task of pulling out the weeds.

“You can also try pouring hot water or a vinegar and salt solution on them as a really simple hack, or even using a flame gun to burn them away.”

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