Reclaim Backlinks + Free Google Apps Script

Most of our sequences have three emails:

If we don’t hear from recipients after the entire sequence, we mark it in our database and find alternative people in the company to contact in 3 — 6 months.

Before giving up on the email, try reaching out on LinkedIn or X (formerly Twitter). This works exceptionally well for active prospects on these networks. If you don’t have a premium account, follow their profiles and engage with their content by adding genuine comments to their posts. After a few days, you can send a personalized connection request and continue discussing lost backlinks.

Sending follow-ups

Follow-ups are essential in every cold email campaign. People receive dozens of similar emails daily, so there’s a huge chance your email will get lost in their inbox. That’s why you should always follow up after your first cold email.

Here are stats from our campaigns to prove the importance of follow-ups:

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