‘Scrooge’ mum buys kids £20 gifts and charges guest for Christmas dinner

One mum has branded herself as the “scrooge” as she buys her kids a £20 gift from Santa as well as other second-hand gifts – and even charges for her Christmas dinner.

Casey Major-Bunce, a mother of four from Portsmouth, recently revealed her disdain for parents who boast about their children’s Christmas presents, revealing her strategy of buying modest £20 gifts from Santa and opting for second-hand treasures. Not stopping there, she even charges her guests for the Christmas dinner she hosts.

Casey known as @majormumhacks on social media, aims to instill the importance of financial responsibility in her children. 

While ensuring a magical Christmas for her family, she shops for budget-friendly options on eBay, B&M and Poundland where she finds toys that ‘have never been opened’.

She will also purchase secondhand toys on Facebook Marketplace and charity shops as “kids don’t know any different”.

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The 33-year-old mother starts her Christmas shopping four months in advance, spending approximately £125 on each child. 

She uses shopping apps to compare toy prices, advising parents to opt for more affordable options, especially for children under two. Casey emphasizes that traditions can be affordable, sharing her family’s tradition of creating Christmas boxes on December 1, filled with reused pajamas and inexpensive chocolate bars. She added: “Kids won’t remember lots of toys but will remember memories.”

Last year, faced with her son’s request for a pricey PS5, Casey candidly admitted she couldn’t afford it and instead opted for a refurbished games console for them to share. 

Her stance on Christmas spending is clear: “It’s crazy to get into debt over Christmas.” She criticizes parents who flaunt their extravagant present piles on social media.

Major-Bunce generously shares her money-saving tips online.

Some of her favourite hacks are: “Bulk out your Christmas dinner with a starter of bread and soup” and added: “Ask your dinner guests to either bring the cheese board, a meat, or dessert.”

For gifts, she suggested: “Ask your friends and family to do Secret Santa with a £15 limit.” She also said: “Use a ‘special teddy’ as your Xmas teddy instead of buying the Elf for Elf on the Shelf, reuse Christmas pyjamas and never get them with the year on.” Other hacks include gifting envelopes and also buying a frozen Turkey crown from Iceland to keep costs down.

To further cut costs, she spends just £40 on a Christmas dinner for 12 people, enlisting guests to bring dishes and putting up her Christmas tree before Halloween.

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