Snooker scores LIVE: O’Sullivan vs Trump latest in World Grand Prix final | Other | Sport

What a frame! Ronnie finds only the jaws of the pocket after a break of 19 with a shot he should’ve made.

It gives Trump the chance to go on a run, which he duly takes with open arms. The Juddernaught produces a fine break of 66 but wastes the chance, while potting the blue, to break up the three remaining reds.

He tries to send one long up the table but can only find the jaws, which prompts a brief safety battle between the two.

The Rocket ends it with a lovely long pot to the bottom right and then two blacks give him the chance to nick the frame by a single point, if he clears up.

But he messes up the approach shot on the green and tries to snooker Judd instead.

It’s 66-42 in Trump’s favour at this point and he produces a wonderful faint kiss off the cushion to avoid a foul. There’s then a battle of the snookers but Ronnie leaves the green on.

Trump, though, misses a favourable shot to swing the pendulum back in his rival’s favour. And with a second attempt, he leaves the green right over the pocket for Ronnie.

The Rocket doesn’t miss but it’s a tough shot as a result on the brown and he can’t make it. Trump returns to the table, sinks the brown, blue and pink and now he leads 6-3.

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