Snoopy MoonSwatch: Price, Availability, Release Date

Considering the long-established connection between Snoopy and Omega, after the original MoonSwatch caused pandemonium around the globe in 2022 and reinvigorated Swatch’s previously flagging fortunes, it’s hardly surprising that the brand should mine this rich Schulz seam to tease a coming Snoopy MoonSwatch.

There’s only one thing that could stop this cartoon-collaboration MoonSwatch from being the most popular version of the series since the Omega X Swatch’s frenzied launch: if it’s as unimaginative and understated as the Moonshine Gold editions that followed the bright and bold original MoonSwatches.

The Moonshine Gold MoonSwatches were somewhat lackluster after the bold 2022 MoonSwatch launch

Photograph: Omega

The recent Moonshine Gold MoonSwatches were released in a series, each month on the full moon, yet before they arrived fans drooled over a possible gold MoonSwatch, much like Omega’s Moonwatch Pro Speedmaster in the same material (even though that piece is worth tens of thousands rather than a couple of hundred bucks). What materialized was something altogether less exciting, with the brand just making the second chronograph hand out of Moonshine Gold, then variations thereof.

The watch site Time+Tide commented on the version that arrived to coincide with National Swiss Day, saying: “There seems to be an increasingly sonorous groan echoing throughout the enthusiast space with each new, and somewhat gimmicky, release.”

Watch specialist and WIRED contributor Tim Barber agrees that the Moonshine Gold series for Swatch was lackluster. “After what was a genuine moment of inspired thinking and total surprise in 2022, the parade of gray MoonSwatches with embellished seconds hands—tied to a daft rubric about smelting gold on a full moon—has been thoroughly underwhelming,” he says. “It completely failed to demonstrate any of the inventiveness or boldness that made the MoonSwatch such a phenomenon.”

The bright blue Neptune Moonshine Gold version was possibly the most successful design-wise of Swatch’s follow-up line, even though this merely took the existing MoonSwatch Neptune piece and added the precious-metal hand.

Snoopy has a long relationship with Omega

Courtesy of Swatch

The teaser case is the Moonshine Gold collection

Courtesy of Swatch

The Instagram teaser video shows Snoopy on top of a boxed collection of Moonshine Gold MoonSwatches howling at a full moon. It lasts just seven seconds, yet the message is clear: Those waiting for a budget Swatch Snoopy Speedmaster better get ready to once again stand in line at selected Swatch stores, because it is extremely unlikely the company will break its rule and make these available to buy online.

Initially, the MoonSwatch was considered for online sales, and even Nick Hayek Jr., chief executive of Swatch Group, in WIRED’s exclusive feature on how the initial collaboration was developed in secret, refused to rule out the possibility post-launch. “Ask me in four months if ecommerce can play a role,” he said. “Perhaps. I don’t know.” That was in July 2022, and no MoonSwatch has been sold new online yet.

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