Tesla Model 3 Highland gets Quicksilver paint; RM7.5k

The Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ facelift in Malaysia can now be ordred in a new exterior paint colour, Quicksilver, which is listed on the Tesla Malaysia website as a RM7,500 option.

This joins Stealth Grey, which is a similarly priced paint option, as well as Solid Black (RM5,000) and Deep Blue Metallic (RM5,000), and Pearl White Multi-Coat which is included in the vehicle’s base price; Ultra Red continues to be available at RM11,000.

Prices for the Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ facelift are unchanged from the last revision, which saw Tesla apply a RM8,000 price drop across the board, which also applied to all Model Y variants.

Tesla Model 3:

  • Rear-Wheel Drive – RM181,000 (launch RM189,000)
  • Long Range AWD – RM210,000 (launch RM218,000)
  • Performance – RM242,000

The Tesla Model 3 Performance officially made its Malaysian debut in May, packing an uprated dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain that outputs 460 hp, which is down on the 510 hp from the US-market version of the car.

This is attributed to the 79 kWh LG battery pack that is said to feature in Malaysian-market cars, as opposed to the 82 kWh Panasonic battery for those Stateside. Regardless, this propels the Model 3 Performance along the 0-100 km/h benchmark in 3.1 seconds, including a one-foot rollout, with a top speed of 261 km/h. Battery range is 513 km for the RWD, 629 km for the AWD Long Range, and 528 km for the Performance; range figures are WLTP-rated.

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