B Praak Expresses Grief over Kalkaji Temple Incident in Delhi, Emphasises the Need for Safety Measures at Events (Watch Video)

Singer B Praak expressed sadness regarding the Kalkaji Mandir incident, which resulted in the loss of a woman’s life and left 17 devotees injured.

The mishap occurred while he was performing at the Jagran on Saturday. Several clips of the Jagran surfaced online in which one can see a wooden platform for seating devotees collapsing while B Praak was singing bhajans. Delhi Kalkaji Mandir Jagran Stage Collapse: Singer B Praak Expresses Grief Over Death of Attendee, Injuries Caused to Others (Watch Video).

In a video shared on his Instagram, B Praak said it was the first time he had seen such an accident. “Bahut hi dukh hua. Bahut hi mayoos hu main. Kyunki pehli baar maine aisa dekha hai apne samne hota hua. Bada dukhi mann hai mera, bahut zyada. Kyunki aisa kabhi hona nahi chahiye tha aur main yahi umeed karta hu ki jinko lagi hai, wo sab theek ho. Management ko aage se bahut dhyan rakhna hai, bahut zyada (I am very, very sad because this was never supposed to happen. I wish all those injured a speedy recovery. The management will have to be very cautious in future),” he said.

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He also emphasised the need for maintaining order and proper management at such events. “Management ne bahut samjhaya ki aap log peeche ho jaiye par aap sabka pyar hai, ma ke liye pyaar hai, mere liye pyaar hai par hume aage se bahut dhyan rakhna hai, bachho ka, buzurgo ka, sabhi logo ka kyunki jaan se badhkar kuch bhi nahi hai duniya mein aur na kabhi ho sakta hai.

Hume iska bahut dhyan rakhna hai ki kabhi jaan pe na pade. Jab ma ki iccha hui to hum phirse aayenge, par bahut dhyan rakhna padega (The management tried to make the crowd understand and asked them to move back, but it’s your love for the Goddess and me. Going forward, we have to be very careful and take the utmost care of the kids, the elderly and everybody else. There is nothing more valuable than life, and it can never be. We have to be very careful that their life is never at risk. We will come again when the goddess calls us, but will have to be very careful).”

According to the police, no permission was granted to hold the event; however, sufficient staff was deployed to maintain law and order. There was a gathering of around 1500-1600 people, the police said. Stage Collapse at Kalkaji Mandir: Singer B Praak Expresses Grief over Incident, Says ‘Sad and Disappointed To See Something Like This Happening at A Place Where I was Performing’.

One elevated platform was erected near the main stage for seating the families of organisers and VIPs. The platform was made with a wood and iron frame. At about 12.30 am, the elevated platform curved down as it could not bear the weight of people sitting and standing on this stage, the police informed.

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