F1 LIVE: Verstappen hatches plan to outdo Hamilton as Leclerc left baffled | F1 | Sport

Charles Leclerc was left confused after Lewis Hamilton told him that he could see where Max Verstappen’s RB19 was stronger simply by following it.

However, the Ferrari star could not understand how Hamilton could make conclusions on such small details with the naked eye.

“I spoke to Lewis after Mexico, where he told me that he can see exactly where Max’s car is better,” Leclerc said, Speaking to Auto Motor und Sport.

“Maybe that’s true for him, but I have to tell you that I can’t possibly recognise the details.

“We’re talking about differences of millimetres in ground clearance or suspension travel. You can of course see whether a car has softer or harder suspension and at which points it gains time on you.

“I prefer to look at the footage from the on-board cameras. You can see from the driver’s helmet what the car does and doesn’t do on the track.”

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